Meet CEO/Founder: Alea Martinez

Why Fitness?

When I was at the lowest point in my life, exercise was my only escape. 22, divorced with no car, no job, and $100 to my name, I was suddenly forced to begin again.
Focusing myself into a fitness program gave me purpose, discipline, and courage, to create a new life.
After losing nearly 100lbs, working up to a gym management position and receiving a national personal training certification, I had accomplished many goals, but I wasn’t done. I set my sights on giving back what I learned in my own trials and tribulations. Today, I continue to strive for mastery in my own athleticism and am a published author and business owner.
Fitness has given me the courage to live the best life I can imagine for myself and my dream is to empower the world.

Want to learn more about Alea? Read this recently published article by Beverly Hosford at the NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers) about Alea and her experience opening a mobile training business.