Welcome to myFIT

Doing Push ups
Welcome to myFIT!  Serving the PNW since 2017, we understand the hectic demands of modern day life. Finding the time, money and motivation shouldn’t stop you from building the best version of yourself. We specialize in Individual, Group and Corporate training programs, simply put, myFIT brings fitness to YOU. Check out why we’re Portland’s #1 mobile fitness service.

No time? No problem

One of the ways we want to accomplish our goal is by bringing fitness directly to you. No more driving to the other side of town on an hour lunch break to get a sweat in, order your workout to go! Schedule a session online, pay, and just like that, you’re getting your sweat on and haven’t even left the parking lot yet. We’ll work around your schedule.

Any skill set

Just starting out? Our trainers understand that when you are just starting your journey into the fitness world, it can be scary. “What lifts should I be doing? How should I be doing them? How many reps? What about cardio?” Not everyone is an expert, and we understand that. Our trainers will work one on one with you to help ensure that when you are giving it your all, you are doing it safely.

“That’s great, but what if I already have been working out by myself for *insert amount of time* and just aren’t seeing enough results.”

Prior to contrary belief, personal training can benefit everyone. Even those who already consider themselves experts. Everyone needs someone there rooting them along, spotting them, making sure they are shaving that extra minute off their mile. myFIT trainers can help you accomplish your goals, and set new ones for you. Whether you want to lose weight, or just want someone there to help motivate you and make sure you are giving it all you got. myFIT is here to help.


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